What I Ate Wednesday: Week 3

Hey guys! I'm back for another edition of What I Ate Wednesday! To tell the story, here are a couple of my "Real Life" truths! 

Real Life: I Eat Gluten

My morning started off with 2 slices of the Good Seed Dave's Killer Bread topped with a smear of PB and a sprinkle of Manitoba Harvest Maple & Cinnamon Hemp Heart Toppers on one and a little bit of Crofter's Raspberry Spread on the other. With one bite of this hearty bread, you'll totally forget about all those unsatisfying 35-calorie thin pieces of wheat. Here, there are 5 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber per slice plus 660mg of omega-3s from flax! That's REAL nutrition! 

I also enjoyed a cup of coffee with my own flavor enhancers - today I used almond milk, a little bit of pure vanilla extract and a shake of cinnamon. 

Toast with Coffee | YES! Nutrition LLC

Real Life: I Eat Dairy

After teaching, I had a 1/3-cup of cottage cheese with some chopped walnuts. This snack was followed up with a small handful of macadamia nuts from the island of Hawaii *unpictured*! My parents just got back from a weeklong trip and one of the goodies they brought home were these island faves.

Cottage Cheese with Walnuts

Real Life: I Eat Donuts

Well, sort of. I actually don't enjoy glazed donuts. (Brownies on the other hand...whole other story). With some overripe bananas I had sitting on my counter a couple of days ago, I whipped up these Crunchy Banana Nut donuts I made in my new donut pan. Think: banana nut muffins meets donut pan. This one was the last of the batch...and I enjoyed every bite! I'm working on perfecting the recipe and hope to share it with you here on the blog soon.

Banana Nut Donut

Real Life: I Eat Meat

But today, I chose not to. I made a Hugh Jass Taco Salad with a tasty plant-based alternative called neat, which the company sent me to try. I love incorporating more plant-based foods into my eating choices. Neat is made from ground garbanzo beans, pecans, organic cornmeal and a variety of spices to create a plant-based taco "meat." I added diced chilies to the mix, then added it to a bed of greens and topped it with a spoonful of black beans, organic corn, salsa and guacamole.  Soooo good!

Check out my Instagram Story at @ToriSchmittRDN to check out how I made neat. Like all IG Stories, this one will only be around for a limited time - until around 5pm today - so check it out quick and follow me there to catch all others! 

Taco Salad with Neat Mexican Mix Plant-Based "Meat"

Real Life: Sometimes I'm Hungry at 8pm. So I eat. 

After dinner and working out, I arrived back home hungry for something else to eat. I could have chosen ice cream (it's just that time of year!), but instead enjoyed some plain Stonyfield Greek yogurt with a KIND Bar crumbled overtop.

I was satisfied with this pairing but decided to add a little local honey overtop. Over the past couple of years, I think I've been developing seasonal allergies. Itchy throat. Watery eyes. You know the drill. 

Truthfully, I don't know where the science stands on local honey for seasonal allergy protection, but I figured hey it's delicious and it might help, so why not?  A half-gallon jug of honey has been in my pantry since last summer and the jug is still pretty full, so when I poured it, too much came out. I wasn't mad about it. 

Greek Yogurt with Honey and KIND Bar

Real Life: I Care About What My Body Can DO

Last night ended with this bag of Boom Chicka Pop sea salt popcorn while watching the documentary Embrace. The doc was about one woman's journey around the world to explore the issue of body image - and it encourages us to feel comfortable and confident in our bodies no matter the shape or size. 

The issues highlighted in this documentary really hit home for me, as I also believe that happiness is not dependent on shape or size. No matter if you weigh 120, 160, 200, 240, or anywhere below, above or in between, eating what makes you feel good and doing activities you love -- and most importantly, appreciating what your body can DO instead of what your body LOOKS like -- is number one in my book!


Well, there you have it friends. Another day of delicious eats! What was the best thing you've eaten this week? Share it with me in the comments below!