My Hope for Your New Year's Health Goals

If you could define 2016 in one word, what would it be?

For me, 2016 can be defined as "change." I put a ring on my finger (and one on his!), changed my last name, bought a house and renovated it to make it our home, left the side-gig I loved to focus all my efforts on YES! Nutrition, and moved away from familiar to foreign. 

These life changes were exhilarating and transformative. But don't get me wrong...some parts were challenging. No one said change was easy!

Yet, I'm reminded and reassured by Nelson Mandela's wise words when he said "may your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears." In 2016, I chose to alter my path not out of doubt and worry, but out of optimism, faith, and immense love.

Will you change your path in 2017? 

Did you set your New Year's Resolution (or if you're like me, a New Year's mantra) out of hope or out of fear? What changes (health and beyond) are expected to happen in your New Year...and how will you respond?

I hope that you choose and respond to change this year out of excitement, passion, and the quest for better.

Whether your goal in the New Year is to exercise more or to eat better, I hope you change out of hope for better health, not fear of what happens if you don't. 

I hope you listen to what your body really good nutrition, movement, rest, and calmness.

I hope you crave the way a salad gives you energy and the way taking a walk outside can relax your body and mind.  

I hope you turn off your television and electronics and turn on real-life conversation.  

I hope you celebrate your successes (health-wise and beyond!) and be kind to yourself when "life" happens.  

I hope you take a step back and realize that you, right now, are doing a damn good job at being awesome. 

I hope you set your goals with an appreciation for food -- all food, a love for moving more -- even if it's just ten minutes a day, and a respect for your body -- no matter its shape or size.

Focus on the postive, focus on what you want to say "YES!" to in 2017.  Whether you're changing your health or changing your life (or both!), changing will be a climb...I know it firsthand...but the view after that climb is so worth it.