5 Healthier Cold and Flu Remedies

Disclosure: I mention several brands in this posts whose foods and beverages I regularly choose and enjoy.  I currently am a Brand Ambassador for Amazing Grass.  I received no compensation in writing this post.  All opinions are my own.

Today I'm raising my hand for having previously taken sports electrolyte beverages colored in the deepest red or blue, the largest coffee known to mankind needing the 'energy' to continue on in my day, and a large glass of water with Emergen-C for all that 'vitamin-C power' at the onslaught of ANY cold or flu.  

Just last week, Emergen-C was aded to the Health Hall of Shame - a board on Pinterest that dietitian Ashley Koff developed and I contribute to that notes products on the market of poor quality.  

I shuddered at the fact that at one point a couple years ago, I didn't know the difference between synthetic chemicals and naturally-occuring nutrition.  That I didn't know the difference between what the TV told me what I needed versus what I actually needed during a cold or flu. But now, after years of studying and learning, things are different...

Emergen-C Enters the Health Hall of Shame because there are BETTER Cold and Flu Remedies | YES! Nutrition, LLC

In case you're in the same place I was just a few years ago, I've put together this list of cold and flu-fighting essentials to help you fight your sickness healthfully and comfortably.

Natural Food Based Cold and Flu Remedies | YES! Nutrition, LLC

No-Appetite Nutrition:

So long carbonated clear beverages and food-dye colored sports drinks - I know that when my appetite is low during my cold or flu, I can get my essential nutrients in with liquid nutrition.  A green smoothie - made with a 1/2 cup of orange juice, 2 tablespoons of hemp hearts, 2 BroccoLeafs, and 1 serving of Amazing Grass Raw Reserve - delivered energy, nutrients, probiotics, and fluids to my body quickly during a recent flu.  I'm also intrigued by Tio Gazpacho's bottled soups as another source of quality, nutrient-dense fuel.  Bring on better liquids!

Immune Boosters:

Amazing Grass Tangerine Immunity Defense - See this and more Healthy Cold and Flu Remedies from YES! Nutrition, LLC | www.yesnutritionllc.com

The vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals in all fruits and vegetables can certainly boost immune function, but mushrooms may hold an extra special place.  Mushroom varieties like cordyceps, reishi, shiitake, maitake may have the ability to stimulate and boost your body's immune system.  You can find and enjoy them dried or also find them in products like Amazing Grass's Tangerine Immunity.

Also keep in mind the importance of probiotics (the good bacteria) in helping keep your body's immune system healthy.  Find probiotics in favorites like Siggi's yogurt, Celestial Seasonings Kombucha, and in cultured vegetables like kimchi and kraut.


Brassica Decaf Green Tea with SGS - Healthier Cold and Flu Remedies | YES! Nutrition, LLC

Slowly sipping hot tea helps us relax and destress during our toughest cold or flu. Though more research may be warranted, teas are also known for their antibacterial, antitoxin, antiviral, and antifungal properties.  Certain teas may also boast additional cellular protection and detoxification benefits like this Decaf Green Tea with SGS, or help soothe an upset stomach like Traditional Medicinal's Ginger Aid.


Remember you don't need the caffeine to speed up your energy or fight your cold.  Sometimes a sickness is a reminder that we need to slow down and rest.  So turn on The Bachelor, baby, and chill out. 

Essential Oils: 

They're known for their healing properties, but sometimes they just feel good.  I love how much my stuffy sinuses improve by using H. Gillerman Organic's Pure Breathing essential oils.  

Your pantry and fridge may just be your best medicine cabinet when it comes to fighting winter's ugly companions.  Keep this items stocked, so you're well prepared if and when the bug hits. 

What would you add to this healthier cold and flu remedy list? SHARE it in a comment below!