5 Choices You Need To Make After A Hangover

Happy New Year! I hope your 2016 is off to a great start, but I’m thinking that if you clicked a link to read this, that may not necessarily be the case.  It’s true – everyone likes a party (amiright?), but there’s not one person I know who loves the low-energy, belly-grumbling, carb-craving, head-hurting residue.  So if you partied a little too hard last night, here’s what you can do today to get back on track. 

So if you partied a little too hard last night, here’s what you can do today to get back on track.

1. Give your body a little assistance. Detoxification begins in the liver through a multi-step process to convert toxins into water-soluble molecules for excretion. What can help that process? Vitamins and minerals, of course, so make sure you get your fruits and vegetables. In fact, some vegetables contain unique compounds to enable detoxification. Broccoli, for example, contains glucoraphanin to support lasting detoxification (up to 72 hours!). After a night of drinking, I will choose lightly steamed and sautéed broccoli with an organic egg for breakfast, or will have raw broccoli with hummus or guacamole for lunch. Or, I'll wake up to Brassica Tea with truebroc brand glucoraphanin and, for a healthy belly-boost, I’ll add a thumb-size portion of fresh ginger to my tea as well.

2. Hydrate – but hydrate better. You can drink, drink, drink water but if you don’t get the water where it needs to go (INTO your cells) you’re not doing all you can to rehydrate. Water gets where it needs to go with a little help from electrolytes (primarily potassium). But that doesn't give you the green light for artificially-colored electrolyte replacers – rather, choose foods naturally high in potassium like avocados, bananas, dark leafy greens like spinach or BroccoLeaf, to help hydrate and de-bloat.

3. Restore your GI-tract. A night of drinking may have you with a C (constipation) or with a D (diarrhea). Better GI scores means working hard to get those As (alkaline formers like organic lemons with hot water or Brassica tea and, again, leafy green vegetables) and Bs (balancing bugs, i.e. probiotics from foods like yogurt, kraut, kefir, and tempeh).

4. Don’t do what your friend told you to do. Is your friend tempting you to a Bloody Mary in the morning, or telling you to choose the hangover pills? Having the extra alcohol won’t help the hangover – it’ll just delay it (and perhaps make it worse). And hangover pills aren’t that effective.

5. Get some sleep. After a night of drinking, your body is busy working, trying to get you back to health and your quality of sleep is typically not as deep. If you have the time, hit the snooze button and catch some extra zzzzs to help avoid an achy body and cluttered mind.

Understand that best cure for a hangover is prevention so first please recover, then check out these 5 meals you should eat beforehand to avoid a hangover next time.


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