Welcome to the YES! Nutrition website!

...Wow!  What a fabulous day to officially launch YES! Nutrition, LLC with the unveiling of this new website and through social media pages on facebook, twitter, and instagram.  This project is one that is so close to my heart since it has been months in the making and years in the “dreaming.”

Why I'm A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

At a young age, I saw my father's despair after not being able to ride a roller-coaster since he couldn’t fit in the harness (he has since lost weight…Go Dad!), a friend’s mother who wouldn’t hop into a picture with her daughter at prom because she was afraid of looking “fat” (she was at a healthy body weight), a young child who couldn’t go to a baseball game because of a severe peanut allergy, and an advisor who couldn’t play sports like he used to because of his weight.

What they fueled their body with and the way their body responded held them down to a point that they couldn’t enjoy some of the simplest, happiest moments in life.

My heart hurt and I knew something had to change.

I dreamed about YES! Nutrition…

 …the place where these educated people who likely knew about what they needed to do (eat better, move more, etc.) just couldn’t translate that into "real life"

...the place where someone newly diagnosed with diabetes, celiac disease, or suffering from GI issues could find education and encouragement for managing their new condition

…the place where we can rave about our new steamed kale with hemp seeds recipe as much as we rave about grandma’s classic cherry pie…

And now that place is here.

Thank you's are in order! 

Thank you so much to all who have helped lead me to this day including my dad whose valuable business acumen I one day hope to have, my mom whose ear I have talked off about all things YES! on our long walks, former professors and preceptors, Registered Dietitian Ashley Koff who inspires me daily to be the change I wish to see in the world, my graphic designer May for her wonderful work in logo and web design, the Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetic Practice Group (I have been a sponge soaking up all information on the listservs and in the toolkits), my friend Alli for her creative help, my friend Kaitlin for her amazing tagline ideas, and last – but certainly not least – my boyfriend David for talking me through the times I worried about taking this risk to do what I love.

Thank you also to the fabulous Web Review Crew: Meghan Shuffelton, Roni Hobbs, Leanne Tobin, David Schmitt -- your suggestions were so helpful.

I could not have said YES! to my dream of opening a private nutrition practice if you all did not said YES! to helping me. Thank you. 

I am so grateful to have this opportunity to help establish healthier lives for others so they can do what they love, too!

Let's Go!